Kudu Safari Camp

Kudu Safari Camp Kenya is a luxury tented camp located in a magical and unspoiled place at Tsavo East National Park, Kenya, next to the entrance of Sala Gate. The Camp rises on the banks of the Galana River, a peace-full place where nature, animals and humans live together with silence and harmony.

We will organize a daily excursion to visit the Tsavo East and have a unique experience admiring sunset over Galana River from Kudu Safari Camp.


Sunset over the Kudu Safari Camp at Galana River is a sight to behold and the sundowner experience is a must for all our guests at Kudu Safari Camp. At the end of a leisurely late-afternoon game drive, your driver/guide will take you to our special sundowner spot. The fire is lit, delicious bitings are served and the chilled sparkling wine or the famous ‘dawa’ cocktails are poured. Sit back and relax, watch the sun slip on Galana River by the pool and listen to the sounds of the wild. It’s an experience you will treasure forever.

Contacts and Reservation

If you wish to book your excursion this unique experience during your stay, we'll be happy to support you to organizing your excursion during your holiday at Kobe Suite Resort.

For information or reservation, please contact: info@kobesuiteresort.com